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There’s a worm inside

2 board, instructions, 1 die, 4 brown segments, numerous tiles

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Code: 0030309

During the digging rally through the neighbor's garden, each player leaves a worm in the ground of the three-layer board disappear. With the colored die, the players determine with each turn how long their own worm can dig while digging. Anyone who also carefully observes the worms of the other players can correctly estimate in advance which burrower will appear first at the peephole of the flower and strawberry bed on the way. As a reward, your own worm can dig even faster so that it can be the first to reach its destination and poke its victorious head out of the ground. The view into the viewing slits of the game board ensures unforgettable moments of surprise, which give the child's self-confidence strength and amaze adults with the excitement.

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